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COVID-19 Antigen Test Procurement Guide

If you are a public organization purchasing COVID-19 Ag(Antigen) RDT(Rapid diagnostic test) for use in LMIC (Low and middle income country) you are eligible for direct procurement of STANDARD Q COVID-19 Ag (WHO EUL Cleared).

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To place an order please send an email to the below contacts with the information requested in the below:

E-mail *
Is your organization a public entity? *
Account *

Your organization name and address (the entity who will pay the order) Contact person’s name, email and phone

Consignee *

Consignee name and address (the entity who will receive the goods) Contact person’s name, email and phone

Quantity *

Quantity of order (our SKU is kit. One kit contains 25 tests)

Incoterms *

Incoterms (our preferred incoterms are EXW, FCA, CIP and CPT)


Other request (payment terms, language, palletization of shippers etc.)

  • Our contact points for all public orders are:
    - Mr. Cedric Jo
    - Ms. Minah Baek
  • ** Our basic payment term is 100% in advance via bank transfer and basic currency is USD (US Dollar).
  • ** Unless specifically requested, the goods are transported by air.
  • ** Please find further information on our COVID-19 Antigen rapid diagnostic test in this link (
  • ** If you are a private entity willing to distribute our test in your territory, please contact