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  1. STANDARD™ G6PD Test’s Official Research Report Is Published!

    Tafenoquine (TQ; Krintafel) is FDA approved medicine that compensates Primaquine (PQ) in its long term dose (14 days ~ 8 weeks). TQ can cure P. v malaria infection at liver-stage, and prevent relapse. However, because of its potential risks of hemolysis to G6PD deficient people, WHO have recommended that all people should test G6PD or need to know their G6PD activity status before administering to this treatment. G6PD deficiency is associated with X-chromosome, so for male, their G6PD activity is...
    Date2019.01.14 CategoryNEWS Views1325
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  2. STANDARD™ GlucoNavii GDH now available for newborn testing.

    The new specification of STANDARD™ GlucoNavii GDH has made it available to test neonate only for professional use. STANDARD™ GlucoNavii GDH has been tested with neonatal samples at Gauhati Medical College & hospital in India from 14th of March to 27th of June, 2018. The total number of newborn samples was 52, and the age of subjects was between 2 hours to 5 days with HCT range of 31%~66%. Each sample was tested twice with 3 different lots of strips which lead to more than 300 tes...
    Date2019.01.09 CategoryNEWS Views1252
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