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  1. APLMA: Malaria Gamechangers: A Health Innovation Series

    Dr.Cho was invited to the 'Malaria Gamechangers: A Health Innovation Series' discussion panel.
    Date2020.07.17 Views67
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  2. Donation to Zimbabwe: STANDARD Q COVID-19 Ag/Ab Total

    SD BIOSENSOR donated 10,000 tests of STANDARD Q COVID-19 Ag/Ab Total Test to Zimbabwe.
    Date2020.07.17 Views55
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  3. Donation to Georgia: STANDARD Q COVID-19 Ag/Ab Total

    SD BIOSENSOR donated 5,000 tests of STANDARD Q COVID-19 Ag/Ab Total Test to Georgia. Please find more detail information through the official website.
    Date2020.07.17 Views92
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  4. UNICEF: Time Bound Long-Term Arrangement with SD BIOSENSOR

    STANDARD M nCoV Real-time Detection Kit is selected as UNICEF Time Bound Long-Term Arrangement (LTA). For product's specification,
    Date2020.07.17 Views137
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  5. [APLMA] Malaria Gamechangers : A Health Innovation Series

    Dr. Cho will join online roundtable discussion as a panelist in webinar ‘Malaria Gamechangers : A Health Innovation Series’ organized by APLMA(Asia Pacific Leadership of Malaria Alliance) on the 23rd July 2020. During the roundtable panelists will highlight the importance of testing, tracking and treating malaria and other febrile illnesses, as we are close to malaria elimination in Asia Pacific. The session will be streamed online in live and an invitation will be shared as soon as ...
    Date2020.07.10 CategoryNEWS Views277
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  6. SD BIOSENSOR is invited to join IAG for ACT-A Dx Partnership.

    SD Biosensor is invited to join IAG (Industry advisory group) for ACT-A Dx Partnership (Access to COVID-19 Tool – Accelerator Diagnostic Partnership), and participated to inauguration ceremony held online on the 9th July 2020. The ACT-ACCELERATOR Diagnostics Partnership works to ensure the right COVID diagnostic test is available to all who need it by spurring innovation in new diagnostic tests and digital solutions, creating effective and efficient markets, ensuring supply and expanding c...
    Date2020.07.10 CategoryNEWS Views132
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  7. Brazil Drive-Through starts to use RDT for detecting COVID-19.

    photo & video by local distributor of SD BIOSENSOR STANDARD Q COVID-19 Ag test is being used in Brazil Drive-through to detect COVID-19. Related video is below, Brazil Drive-through.mp4 ​ For product's specification,
    Date2020.07.10 CategoryNEWS Views219
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  8. STANDARD Q COVID-19 Ag test was exported to MOH.

    50,000 kits of STANDARD Q COVID-19 Ag test were exported to Malaysia for diagnosis patients who have infected in coronavirus. For product's specification,
    Date2020.07.03 Views808
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  9. STANDARD Q COVID-19 IgM/IgG Duo in Mozambique.

    STANDARD Q COVID-19 IgM/IgG Duo was broadcasted in one of the broadcasting company in Mozambique. For product's specification, You can see the related video through below URL:
    Date2020.07.03 CategoryNEWS Views343
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  10. SD BIOSENSOR will annually donate the 250 million won to RIGHT Fund.

    SD BIOSENSOR will annually donate the 250 million won to Research Investment for Global Health Technology Fund(RIGHT Fund) for supporting the infectious disease research.
    Date2020.07.03 CategoryNEWS Views126
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