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Constant effort and endless passion for research and development makes SD BIOSENSOR to develop accurate and convenient IVD products


Sensor Development Department

Immunodiagnostic reagent manufacturing technology Image
1. Immunodiagnostic reagent manufacturing technology
  • Development of various IVD products and diagnostic reagents. Includes: Rapid, ELISA, FIA, and reagents of blood-borne diseases, sexually transmitted diseases, cardiovascular diseases, febrile diseases, respiratory diseases, and sexual hormones related diseases.
  • Application of source materials and measuring system through R&D network.
  • Development of highly accurate and sensitive test strips with mass production technology.
Biosensor technology Image
2. Biosensor technology
  • Understanding the operate principle of major biotargets, and develop technology that measures the level of physiological markers which show special reaction to biomaterials that have a function of molecular recognition like antigen-antibodies
  • Technology that use electrochemical or optical principle or markers, such as gold and fluorescence nanoparticles, to signaling the particular reaction of biomaterials
Development of user-friendly products Image
3. Development of user-friendly products
  • POCT (Point of care test) technology which simply and rapidly diagnosis diseases
  • Function of automatic recognition of test device and items by using 2D barcode and no coding required technology

Molecular Diagnostic Development Department

Nucleic Acid Amplification Technology Image
1. Nucleic Acid Amplification Technology
  • Development of advanced qualitative, quantitative, and mutation analysis technique by analyzing nucleic acid amplification technology for on-site diagnosis
POC cartridge technology Image
2. POC cartridge technology
  • Development of technology that integrates all processes such as sample infusion, fluid flow, micro-mixer, micro-pump, micro-valve, fluorescence detection, etc. into one cartridge based on the technology of Microfluidics and Bio-MEMS
Nucleic Acid Extraction Technology Image
3. Nucleic Acid Extraction Technology
  • Research and development of technology that applies processes such as sample preprocessing, lysis, binding, washing and elution, along with the nucleic acid amplification technology and POC cartridge technology
Product Development Image
4. Product Development
  • Development of diagnostic products for high risk virus, tropical diseases and respiratory diseases by using potential isothermal nucleic acid amplification technology to ensure the on-site use of nucleic acid extraction and amplification in one cartridge in order to detect the target nucleic acid from the sample within a short time

Instruments Development Department

  • Development of POCT system in an Electro-chemical,
    Immuno-chromatography type

  • Retention of LIS/HIS-applied technology of in vitro diagnostic device recognized for its
    standard medical information communication by IHE America/Europe

  • Development of PCR and Molecular Diagnostic based Lab System