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STANDARD E TB-Feron ELISA has been chosen for latent TB infection screening of Korean military conscripts.

sdbiosensor 2021.01.08
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STANDARD E TB-Feron 1step.png

The KCDC created a TB epidemic investigation team in 2013, and Korean government has adopted a mandatory screening for TB infection for military conscripts and workers in facilities (medical institutions, postnatal care centers, kindergartens, childcare centers, schools, welfare facilities and correctional facilities) since 2017 as a part of the ‘TB free Korea program’.


This year one of the biggest commercial laboratories (E-One laboratory) which uses the STANDARD E TB-Feron ELISA has won the Korean public tender contract with the best technical score  for latent TB screening of military conscripts.



Hence, approximately 264,000 tests will be done by using STANDARD E TB-Feron ELISA for Korean military conscripts in 2021.