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STANDARD™ GlucoNavii GDH now available for newborn testing.

sdbiosensor 2019.01.09
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 The new specification of STANDARD™ GlucoNavii GDH has made it available to test neonate only for professional use.


STANDARD™ GlucoNavii GDH has been tested with neonatal samples at Gauhati Medical College & hospital in India from 14th of March to 27th of June, 2018.


The total number of newborn samples was 52, and the age of subjects was between 2 hours to 5 days with HCT range of 31%~66%.


Each sample was tested twice with 3 different lots of strips which lead to more than 300 tests in total.


Compared with a reference analyzer, Vitro5600, the results of STANDARD™ GlucoNavii GDH showed that it complies with the international guidelines, ISO 15197:2013.


Thus now we can announce that STANDARD™ GlucoNavii GDH system is suitable for testing the blood sugar among newborn subjects.


Additionally, we are planning to evaluate the GlucoNavii GDH with neonatal and arterial blood in Thailand in 2019, and we expect this evaluation will be finished in the third quarter of this year.