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STANDARD™ G6PD Test’s Official Research Report Is Published!

sdbiosensor 2019.01.14
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Tafenoquine (TQ; Krintafel) is FDA approved medicine that compensates Primaquine (PQ) in its long term dose (14 days ~ 8 weeks). TQ can cure P. v malaria infection at liver-stage, and prevent relapse. However, because of its potential risks of hemolysis to G6PD deficient people, WHO have recommended that all people should test G6PD or need to know their G6PD activity status before administering to this treatment. G6PD deficiency is associated with X-chromosome, so for male, their G6PD activity is either normal (>70%) or deficient (<30%); however, for females, who are a heterozygote, can have intermediate value (30~70%). Currently, there is a limited number of quantitative G6PD tests that can identify these women. SD BIOSENSOR has cooperated with PATH, and developed quantitative G6PD point-of-care test which could easily and conveniently identity G6PD deficiency including intermediate range with high sensitivity and specificity. According to official research from ICDDR’B (International Centre for Diarrheal Diseases Research, Bangladesh), the STANDARD G6PD showed outstanding performance compare to another commercially available test.

In addition, STANDARD G6PD Test has integrated hemoglobin measurement, so users can have G6PD activity/g Hb without extra tests and calculation in only 2 minutes!

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