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An Official Report For The STANDARD Q HIV/Syphilis Combo Is Published.

sdbiosensor 2019.01.24
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 Although HIV and syphilis are both sexually transmitted infection, they are very different as syphilis is caused by Treponema pallidum (bacteria), and HIV is a virus caused infection. However, if syphilis is untreated, it could develop to HIV infection which could be life-threating. Therefore, it is important for people to notice the infection when they are infected, and treat with proper ways. SD Biosensor has developed a STANDARD Q HIV/Syphilis Combo which could detect HIV-1, HIV-2, and syphilis antibodies simultaneously with only one test device. UCLA evaluated the devices with 400 sera in Lima, Peru, and its official report is published. The sensitivity and specificity of the Standard Q HIV/Syphilis Combo test for HIV antibody detection was 100.0% (95% CI: 98.2–100.0%) and 99.5% (95% CI: 97.2–100.0%), respectively [Table 1]. For syphilis antibody detection the sensitivity and specificity was 97.5% (95% CI: 94.3–99.2%) and 100.0% (95% CI: 98.2–100.0%), respectively [Table 2]. Among those HIV reactive specimens, the sensitivity and specificity for syphilis antibody detection was 97.0% (95% CI: 91.5%- 99.4%) and 100.0% (95% CI: 96.4–100.0%), respectively [Table 3]. Therefore, with STANDARD Q HIV/Syphilis Combo, people can easily and precisely detect their infection status. The product is already launched in the market, therefore, please contact your regional sales managers for more information and sample kits.